Leadership Team

Chief Appleton Swearing In

Letter from the Chief:

To the Residents and Visitors of Rock Township Ambulance District I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you!  We are devoted to the care and needs of others.  Through our mission and core values, we have made it our purpose to provide excellent patient care, responsible spending to our residents, and a commitment of growth and stability to our community, staff, and families.

Since 1980, the Rock Township Ambulance District (RTAD) has had a reputation for being a leader in the field of Emergency Medical Services.  Maintaining this level of excellence is the responsibility of all of our team members.  Our goal is to have a highly qualified crew, with advanced medical equipment, arrive at the scene of our dispatched emergencies as quickly as possible.  To attain that goal we retain high-quality employees and provide them with continuous training.  We strive to obtain the best medical equipment and maintain it through preventative maintenance programs.  We maintain staffing and will always try to improve our Ambulance House locations for efficient call response.

Our goal is to always be responsive to the community.  Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or compliments that you may have for our service!  In addition to our core role, we offer a number of services to our citizens that can be found on this website.  We are always seeking opportunities to serve and we look forward to collaborative efforts within our community to improve safety, health, and wellness within the District.    The public is encouraged to attend our Board meetings which are held the 4th Wednesday of every month.  The schedule can be found on this website.  Anyone wishing to make a public comment must arrive early to complete paperwork.

This is a great Ambulance District and we are going to continue growing and evolving to fulfill our vital mission to the community.  We have experienced a significant increase in call volume over the years and we are responding to that challenge.  We are also developing to stay on the leading edge of the dynamic emergency healthcare industry.  We will endeavor to accomplish these goals while remaining fiscally responsible to our community.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to serve!  I look forward to many years of interaction and development as we work to bring a great service to the community.


Chief Jerry Appleton

Leadership Team

Jerry Appleton, EMT-P, ASM-C
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Deputy Chief: Operations
Sheila Buchheit, EMT-P
Email DC Buchheit

Deputy Chief: Medical Officer
Joshua Hemmelman, BS, CCEMTP, CP, NRP, ASM-C
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Chief Training Officer
Corey Golec, NRP, AOS
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"A" Shift
Battalion Chief
Patrick DeClue, EMT-P
Lieutenant Jon Muller, EMT-P

"B" Shift
Battalion Chief
Pam Maness-Keller, EMT-P
Lieutenant Katherine Reed, EMT-P

"C" Shift
Battalion Chief
Terry Machisen, EMT-P
Lieutenant Dale McCarthy, EMT-P