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About Rock Township Ambulance District



Rock Township Ambulance District (RTAD) is an Advanced Life Support service.

The District was established in 1980 and serves communities in North East Jefferson County. RTAD is a political subdivision of the State of Missouri.


The initial operating budget for 1980 was $161,861.00. That year we ran 1,233 emergency calls with an estimated population of 59,000 people.

Our population has grown significantly to our current population of 130,000. Our call volume has grown as well. In 2019, our call volume is expected to be over 10,000—approximately 28 per day.  We staff a minimum of 5 Advanced Life Support ambulances from 4 ambulance houses to maintain daily coverage.

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Our ambulances are stocked with advanced equipment that allow us to operate in accordance with current best practices in the field of paramedicine.  This includes, but is not limited to: CPAP, intraosseous drills, tourniquets, the Lucas 2 CPR device, video laryngoscopy, monitors with 12-lead and transmission capabilities, and a variety of emergency airway devices.  We stock a wide variety of emergency medications, many of which may be administered with standing protocols provided to us by our medical control—Washington University.  Our current medical director is Dr. Jeff Seigler.

Employees at Rock Township maintain their medical knowledge and skills through an extensive continuing education program.  The program is comprised of recurrent certification classes, guest lecturers, in-house training, and online education.  There is also a Peer Review Board that reviews call documentation.  More information is available on the Employee Qualifications page.

The District provides classes, ambulance tours, and standbys to the community.  Please visit the Community page for more information.

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Rock Township Ambulance District is funded by user fees, sales tax revenue and property taxes.  We are governed by a Board of 6 Directors who convene at regular meetings to conduct business.  District residents are always welcome to make public comments.

We are also proud to be the first District to participate in the Missouri STARS program.

If you have any further questions about the District, please read our FAQs or visit the Contact Us page.