Community Resources/Links

*The District does not endorse any particular company or product in any of the following links.  These resources are meant to be informative and useful.

RTAD Car Seat Checks: Schedule an appointment with a RTAD Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) by calling 636-296-5066 ext. 1404 or emailing

RTAD Bicycle Helmet Fittings: Schedule an appointment with a RTAD Representative by calling 636-296-5066 ext. 1404 or emailing


Health Resources

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Jefferson County Health Department

Poison Control Center

Suicide Hotline/Prevention

Psychological Help - Comtrea

Resources for Domestic Abuse Victims - Comtrea

Additional Resources for Domestic and Sexual Abuse Victims

Sexual Assault, Rape, Harassment Guide - Florin|Roebig 

Helping Survivors of Sexual Assault/Abuse:

Respite Care - A website with information and links.  There are a number of other resources and you are encouraged to search further for the type of care befitting your situation. and - Numerous community resources, including natural disaster relief and heating/cooling centers.

Information about Medical Alert Systems.


Alcohol and Substance Abuse Resources

Am I An Addict? Addiction Quiz

Addiction Counseling - Compass Health

Narcan Administration Training - Jefferson County Health Department Nalaxone Clinic (Nalaxone provided free of charge after attending training)

Drug Prevention

Alcohol and Drug Reduction/Prevention

Prescription Medication Disposal - Link is to the FDA Official Recommendations.  In our area both Arnold Police Department and Jefferson County Sheriff's Department have disposal units for non-liquid medications.  Walgreens has 2 free-disposal kiosks in the region, however both are located in Illinois.  There are also disposal kits available for purchase from multiple distributors (pharmacies and online purchase).

Start Your Recovery Substance Misuse, Treatment, and Recovery: Missouri Region Page

Benefits of Quitting Alcohol and How to Stop Drinking discusses the range of health benefits associated with quitting alcohol and helpful tips to help you stop drinking. 

Alcohol Abuse & Addiction Hotlines provides information on what an alcohol addiction hotline is, when you should call a helpline, and lists free national helplines.

Alcohol Addiction and Detox Treatment looks at what alcohol addiction is, what happens when you drink alcohol, alcohol withdrawal and how to safely detox from alcohol.

If you’re looking for detox centers in Missouri, our free online directory can help individuals find a facility that will suit their needs. 


Resources for Children

Bike HelmetsSt. Louis Children's Bike SafetyCardinal Glennon Bicycle Safety

Crisis Nursery

Fox School District SAFELINE - The Fox C-6 School District maintains a hotline to be used by anyone wishing to report issues concerning safety or security. Appropriate issues would include, but not limited to, safety concerns, law violations, illegal drug activity, bus stop issues, bullying, vandalism, and student welfare concerns (suicide issues, abuse/neglect issues).

Cardinal Glennon (Children's Hospital)

STARS Program

St Louis Children's Hospital



Home Safety

Missouri One Call System - Call before you dig.

Swimming Pool Safety


Financial Resources

Bill Assistance

Poverty Assistance and Family Empowerment


There are numerous other resources available beyond those listed here.  Some may be found on this list, or at